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UnderGlowz RGB Light Strip Kit, 136"

UnderGlowz RGB Light Strip Kit, 136"

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The Alpena UnderGlowz 136" RGB Light Strip Kit is a custom color glow kit for the outside and underneath your vehicle! A complete, custom color LED under glow kit for almost any vehicle, the UnderGlowz RGB is completely Bluetooth controlled and each flexible strip can be set to a different color or all strips synced together using the Alpena® LED app. High quality adhesive backing makes this kit quick to install. It comes with 4 x 24" (61cm) and 2 x 20" (50.8cm) strips and other accessories are included.


  • Kit comes with 4 x 24" (61cm) and 2 x 20" (50.8cm) strips
  • Complete Bluetooth app control lights up vehicle exteriors
  • Custom color control for exterior applications like truck beds, engine bays, running boards, under glow
  • Works great and can be hardwired or powered with the included 12V adapter
  • IP67 rated for durability & longevity
  • 136" (345.5cm) total length & 186 total LED count
  • Complete kit includes 14 clips with screws
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