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TREKTEC™ S2 LED Light Bar (2 Pack)

TREKTEC™ S2 LED Light Bar (2 Pack)

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Bring Alpena along for the ride. These TrekTec S2 LED Light Bars are small, but mighty and ultra bright! They come in a 2 pack kit with a bottom mount install bracket system that’s designed for ATVs, UTVs, and other recreational vehicles, but work perfectly on your everyday vehicle as well! They truly are the perfect solution for your next adventure. The S2 light bars from Alpena are IP67 rated and made with a durable alloy construction and stainless steel mounting hardware, so they're built to last through any tough situations or weather conditions. They also have a low power consumption and optimized circuitry for powersports applications, so its time to get out there and have some fun! You can mount them to more than just your off-road vehicles - they work perfectly on cars, trucks, SUV's, CUV's, you name it! 

This light bar is DOT J581 compliant. It comes with a compliant on-road beam. This innovative combination is new to the market and sure to provide you with the best mix of style and high-level function for all your driving needs.

Feel confident in your purchase - Alpena’s factory is one of the highest rated LED factories in the world and builds quality products you can trust to get the job done. Be sure to check local laws and regulations before using this light bar on public roadways.



  • DOT J581 compliant. Compliant on-road beam and high output off-road beam combo, offering two levels of brightness in one bar!
  • Alpena designed, bright white driving beam LEDs
  • Compatible with 12V-24V DC systems
  • IP67 rated for all weather conditions
  • Stainless steel adjustable angle mounting hardware
  • Optimized circuitry for powersports applications
  • 2 wire installation (per light)
  • Perfect for ATV's, UTV's, cars, trucks, SUV's, CUV's, tractors, you name it!


  • Voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Optics: J581
  • Current Draw: 1.35A per light
  • Power: 16.2W per light
  • True Lumens: 1,100 lm per light
  • Beam Distance @ 1 LUX: 230 M
  • Horizontal Beam Angle: 38
  • Wire Type: 2 wire
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Weight: 1 kg per light
  • 2 LEDs per light
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