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Trailfire Spot & Flood Light, 12V

Trailfire Spot & Flood Light, 12V

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Alpena Trailfire Spot & Flood Light, 12V, Model 77615, Universal Fit for Vehicles. Tough, bright and versatile the Trailfire can be used for off-road, overlanding, and utility lighting. Designed for multiple uses, this light can illuminate a variety of situations. Combination spot and flood beam optics use efficient and bright LEDs. Install one unit for a compact light source or double up and help light trails, driveways, and more. A compact size and adjustable angle bracket make the Trailfire great for use as a reverse light, side chase style light, or off-road fog light. Great for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, ATVs and more. A single two-wire power lead is compatible with all 12-24V DC systems.

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