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QuadStrobz Dual Amber & White LED Strobes

QuadStrobz Dual Amber & White LED Strobes

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Using a brand new wireless remote system QuadStrobz Dual™ simplifies safety strobe technology while adding dual color versatility. Each strobe unit contains white and amber LEDs that flash in nine different patterns to add visibility and presence to your vehicle. The custom designed strobe remote is small enough to hang off a keychain and works at a range of 50 ft. even while the vehicle is turned off. Energy efficient, QuadStrobz Dual™ has 12 x high power LEDs and draws less than 1 amp. Each strobe has 1M of wiring from the easy to install control box and the whole system is compatible on all 12V systems. Great for construction, utility, landscape vehicles as well as off-road applications the QuadStrobz Dual™ is IP65 rated for use in all weather conditions. Peel and stick high quality 3M™ adhesive backing and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses ensure durability.


  • Wireless control works when vehicle is powered off
  • Slim casing and high-quality 3M™ adhesive
  • Each strobe unit flashes white and amber in 10 patterns
  • Compatible with all 12V systems
  • Easy Installation
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