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MotorLED Flow Light Strips

MotorLED Flow Light Strips

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Give your ride the personality it deserves. The Alpena MotoLED Flow adds your style and mood to your vehicle! These LED Flow light strips install universally on cars, motorcycles, mopeds, ATV's, scooters, or any other motorsport vehicle using high-quality 3M peel and stick adhesive backing. They are also perfect for customizing and illuminating the engine bays and grills on regular street vehicles! They light up any space and make it easier to work, with a little touch of color. Bring home a set of Alpena MotoLED light strips and add the ability to customize your ride in no time.

At Alpena we take pride in manufacturing LED lights using our own factory with state-of-the-art equipment managed by the industry’s leading technicians. Trust Alpena and our Flow technology for your next vehicle mod! Be sure to check local laws and regulations before using this product on public roadways.



  • Wireless remote controlled custom color flow
  • ​High quality 3M peel-and-stick adhesive backing
  • 9 preset colors & 51 color cycles
  • Fully sealed wiring & housing
  • Perfect for your motorcycle, moped, scooter, or other recreational vehicles
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