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LED HiLitz White LED Lights, 12V

LED HiLitz White LED Lights, 12V

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Alpena LED HiLitz White LED Lights, 12V, Universal Fit for Vehicles. Slim, modern design and bright white LED output add style and a bright, slim accent light to most vehicles. The compact design allows for placement in tight spaces like between grille slats, tucked up close to or under headlights, or directly mounted flat to bumpers. 15 high output, 6K LEDs per unit are bright but also efficient, adding visibility to whatever vehicle the LED HiLitz are installed on. LED HiLitz is easy to use and install and comes with double-sided adhesive. The metal body of the lights is durable and a nice touch of quality. Great for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and more. Efficient LED circuitry draws very little power and makes the Alpena LED HiLitz a great choice for low-power systems commonly found on some older power sports vehicles.

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