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LEDFogz 6 Auxiliary / Driving / Utility LED Lights (2pc)

LEDFogz 6 Auxiliary / Driving / Utility LED Lights (2pc)

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Compact and bright, LEDFogz 6 from Alpena are the perfect LED auxiliary lights for extra vision in all weather conditions. 3 LEDs per unit add brightness at the front or rear of most vehicles. These lights are great for extra visibility or accent lighting on a variety of vehicles. A compact size helps make the LEDFogz 6 fit where some other, larger lights do not. Efficient LED technology consumes less power as well as having a much longer bulb life. Durable, water resistant housings ensure durability along with stainless steel mounting hardware. A wiring harness kit is included and is compatible with all 12-24V systems. The wiring harness links both lights together to a common power source and uses quick connect style plugs for ease of use.



  • 3 bright white LEDs per unit
  • Great for adding extra visibility to your vehicle
  • Less power draw than typical halogen auxiliary lighting
  • Wiring harness & stainless-steel hardware included
  • 12-24V compatible
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