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LEDBulbz 194 Wireless RGB Replacement Bulbs (2pc)

LEDBulbz 194 Wireless RGB Replacement Bulbs (2pc)

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A bright and efficient replacement for OEM incandescent bulbs, LEDBulbz 194 uses long lasting LEDs and remote control color changing technology. Different from most standard replacement bulbs, this direct fit for the 194 base offers a wide array of colors and the ability to be remote controlled with an RF remote. The included remote controls color changing, color selection, light patterns, and dimming control. A direct drop in, these bulbs are compatible with a wide range of automotive applications and come complete with a wireless remote control. Please note that bulb compatibility is limited to the 194 base and it's variants, and that this bulb may not fit in your vehicle and or that your vehicle may not have a 194 socket.



  • Drop in replacement for 194 style wedge bulbs
  • Performance upgrade over similar halogen style bulbs
  • Compatible with: 194, T10, W5W, 168, 501 bulb bases
  • Remote control operates power, changes colors, light patterns, and dimming control
  • Efficient LED circuitry
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