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HexFire Dual White & Amber LED Light Bar

HexFire Dual White & Amber LED Light Bar

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Powerful, compact and rugged, the HexFire Dual is a great way to add auxiliary lighting to almost any vehicle. Featuring both white and amber LEDs, and designed for durability, the HexFire Dual features a cast alloy housing complete with an adjustable angle mounting bracket and simple, easy to install two-wire power lead. Great for cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, as well as construction, farm, and landscaping equipment. Installs on any 12V system. Includes18 high output LEDs. Adjustable angle mounting bracket. Simple three-wire install. Compatible with 12-24V systems. Efficient 10W power draw.



  • 18 high output LEDs (9 x white, 9 x amber)
  • Adjustable angle mounting bracket for beam aiming
  • Heavy duty alloy housing
  • Simple three wire install
  • Compatible with 12-24V DC systems
  • Efficient 10W power draw is a good choice for lower power systems
  • Color: White, Amber
  • Great for Cars, Trucks and SUVs and recreational vehicles
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