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Truck Bed LED Pods RGB+White with Pin Switch, 12V

Truck Bed LED Pods RGB+White with Pin Switch, 12V

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Have you been searching for a lighting system to light up your truck bed? It can get pretty dark back there, and hard to find the things you need in a hurry. Good thing there the Alpena Truck Bed RGB+W LED Pods! Not only do these bring light to your truck bed, they can bring some color too! With inline touch control, and strong adhesive backing on each pod, installation is a breeze. Set them up so they Illuminate the bed of your truck automatically every time the tailgate is open. This kit comes with 8 modules, inline touch control, RGB+White LEDs to brighten your truck bed and the surrounding area. Compatible with all 12V DC systems, customizing your truck bed with RGB+W colors to show off your personality is easy, and you'll never look back! Be sure to check local laws and regulations before using this product on public roadways. Perfect for UTV and ATV beds and trailers.


  • 8 light modules each with 8 x White LEDs and 2 x RGB LEDs
  • Brightens and customizes truck, ATV and UTV, beds or other storage areas
  • 12V DC two-wire install
  • Easy operation with inline touch control, separate White and RGB wires


  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • PC Lens Body
  • Current Draw: 0.82A
  • Power: 9.84W
  • RGB + White Color Technology
  • 2 wire installation
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