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BriteWhip LED Buggy Whip RGB Pole Light

BriteWhip LED Buggy Whip RGB Pole Light

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Alpena BriteWhip LED Automotive Whip or Pole Light, Multicolor, 12V, Universal Fit for Vehicles. This product brings remote control, color changing flexibility to most vehicle exteriors! It is an efficient and durable way to add visibility to your vehicle while adding an element of fun with multiple color patterns and pre-set colors. The included RF remote controls color choice, brightness, power, and also cycles the whip through a variety of colors. A lightweight, 44.5” two-piece design is damped by a spring base for flexibility and durability while 120 RGB LEDs flash in 32 patterns or 51 colors. Install this buggy whip on cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, and even boats to add some color and personality. Easy to install, the BriteWhip LED pole light has a threaded base and is compatible with 12-24V systems and a remote range of up to 49 ft.



  • Durable & flexible two-piece design with spring damped base
  • RGB LEDs have 32 pre-set patterns and 51 colors
  • 12-24V compatibility for cars, trucks, SUVs, UTVs, ATVs & more!
  • Threaded base for a secure fit
  • Remote range of up to 49 ft.
  • Easy Installation
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