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FloGlo 48" Interior LED AlpenaLink Light Strip Kit

FloGlo 48" Interior LED AlpenaLink Light Strip Kit

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It's time to make a statement. Enjoy the highest quality flowing LED light strips on the market today with the Alpena FloGlo 48" Interior Bluetooth Kit! Made from the best materials available, FloGlo are proven to be among the most efficient, brightest, purest light on the spectrophotometer scale. colors truly pop, and you'll be amazed at the brightness when you add them to your vehicle. Water resistant for reliable installation almost anywhere on your vehicle, mount them on the interior of your ride for a custom look that you can change for any mood or occasion with the easy to use Alpena Auto App! Alpena FloGlo LED light strips are crafted with high-quality machinery using premium-grade materials, are durable, bright, and perfect for anyone looking to add some personality to their vehicle and show it off around town. They truly give you the chance to make your entire vehicle your own. Peel-and-stick high quality 3M adhesive is used to make your installation as seamless as possible, no matter the surface. Pick up your set today, download the Alpena Auto app, and make it yours.



  • Innovative Advanced Flow for even color transition
  • Inline touch control with pattern and color changing/strobe 
  • Works in any 12V DC system
  • Peel-and-stick high quality 3M adhesive
  • Connect using our Alpena Auto app for easy Bluetooth color and pattern changing abilities
  • Show off your personality with customizable color flowing technology
  • Perfect for your car, truck, SUV, CUV, or off-road recreational vehicle - the possibilities are endless
  • Highly efficient, super bright, and ultra pure light
  • Durable materials and skilled manufacturing make Alpena FloGlo products strong and resistant to the elements
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