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LED Command Interior 48" RGB AlpenaLink Light Strip Kit

LED Command Interior 48" RGB AlpenaLink Light Strip Kit

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A custom color glow kit for the interior of your vehicle! Flexible, low profile LED strips click together using the AlpenaLink system for an easy install, and high quality adhesive backing makes this kit quick to install. Full app control allows you to use a Bluetooth compatible Android or Apple device to control power, color and more! A 12V cigarette plug power adapter, 2 x 60" & 2 x 36" extension cords and other accessories are included.



  • Complete Bluetooth app control
  • Multicolor Interior lighting kit for vehicle interiors
  • Lights up passenger & cargo areas
  • Custom color control for interior applications as well as preset color scenes
  • This kit works great and can be hardwired or powered with the included 12V adapter
  • Expand, add on, and separate strips to create a more powerful glow or a brighter system with AlpenaLink technology
  • Powerful RGB SMD LEDs are energy and heat efficient
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