LED Strip Modification

Instructions below for the following models:

  • Multigloz LED Strip Modification
  • EZLink Multigloz LED Strip Modification
  • MAX & Flex LED Strip Modification

LED Strip FAQs

Can I place the product in an engine bay?

We do not recommend mounting our LED strips in vehicle engine bays as they would be exposed to extreme heat conditions and moving parts that may damage the product.

Does your company carry LED strips that are 24V compatible ? OR how can I operate your 12V FLEX or MAX LED’s on a 24V power source ?

We do not carry 24V compatible LED strips and do not recommend use of our 12V LED strips on a 24V system.

How can I extend the wire length on my MultiGloz kit because my wires are too short ?

It is possible, but difficult. Each MultiGloz extension has four internal wires and these can be extended but the gauge of the wire is smaller and each extension must be an exact match. We recommend purchasing an EZLINK extension wire.

What gauge wire do your FLEX & MAX LED strips use ?

Typically, our LED strips will have 20 gauge wires.

LED Strip Modification

If you wish to cut the strip down to a specific size or to utilize the contact points to join two sections use a pair of scissors along the section of the LED, follow the instructions below.

1. Cut LED strip to desired length. Only cut strip on marked cut line.

2. Using a knife, carefully strip away clear lens. Ensure not to damage contact points or fingers.

3. Using a soldering iron and lead free solder, carefully apply a small amount of solder to each of the four contact points.

4. Take 4 strips of 20AWG wire and strip a small amount (3mm or around 1/8") of insulation off the end. Using your soldering iron, apply a small amount of solder to each wire.

5. Run wire through a 3" section of heat shrink tubing.Then, ensure the positive and negative contacts correspond to the correct wires for your LED strip. Now, using your soldering iron, place the wires on the contact points and quickly melt the solder.

6. Slide the heat shrink onto the solder points ensuring that it covers all exposed wiring. Seal the connection with heat shrink tubing using a hair dryer or a heat gun on a low setting.

FOR MARINE LED STRIPS: Seal exposed connections with silicone. Then cover with heat shrink tubing using a hair dryer or a heat gun on a low setting for extra waterproofing.

Two Wire Max & Flex LED Strips

Alternative Options

If you are uncomfortable cutting and reconnecting LED strips we suggest you try one of the following:

1. Placing Strips End to End

If you have purchased two strips, we suggest simply placing them end to end to achieve the same effect as a connected strip. Then group the positive and the negative wires from the two strips together. Now, you should have one positive wire and one negative wire which you can then run to your main power source.

2. Purchasing Longer Strips

All of our LED strips come in a variety of sizes. See our LED Store to view our LED strips. For larger jobs, we suggest using our 5M MegaLED (bulk roll).