A Trusted Partner for more than 4 Decades

A Trusted Partner for more than 4 Decades

We are a 45-year-old North American family-owned company that always strives to go above and beyond to offer the best experience for our customers and consumers. By building strategic partnerships, we have become a preferred vendor with top retailers, including Walmart, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Canadian Tire, and Costco, to name a few.

Today, you can find Alpena products in over 20,000 stores across North America and more than 150 products for sale online.

Why Partner with Alpena?

Vertical Integration: Flawless deliveries through minimal supply chain disruptions, in-house product development, and strict quality control measures guarantee consistency across product lines.

Innovation is in our DNA: Our in-house product development team works tirelessly to translate trends and market preferences into widely appealing product designs. We constantly improve and patent product features for the best possible user experience for our customers.

Superior Product Support: North America based customer support offered via email and phone. Assistance and product communication is also provided across all of Alpena's social media platforms servicing over 30K followers.

Our Recent History of Innovation:

2009 – First to market: LED Strip lighting

2011 – First to market: DIY strobes

2012 – First to market: LED bar/cube lighting

2013 – First to market: Linkable home LED strips

2014 – First to Mass Market: Marine LED strip line

2017 – First to market: Patented EZ-Connect system

2018 – First to market in US: DIY Strobe LED system

2020 – Introduced App Controlled FloGlo lighting

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