About Alpena

We specialize in all kinds of automotive accessories with a focus on auxiliary, off-road, and accent LED lighting. Car lovers rave over our wide selection of LED light bars, interior RGB strips that add your personality to any vehicle, and our exterior LED ToughPods and UnderGlowz. Sedans, trucks, SUVs, CUV’s, ATVs, you name it, we have an Alpena product for you!
Mass retailers and consumers across North America have trusted us to improve their driving experience since 1977 – whether it be with extra lighting to guide you down dark roads, a comfortable steering wheel cover for added grip, or showing off your personality around town – we’re here to help make it yours. Keeping our eyes on automotive trends and carefully testing new product innovations to ensure high quality results, we guarantee you'll be happy with our products. If you're not, we'll be there to give you a top-notch customer service experience via phone or email. Thanks in advance for your business, we hope you love everything we have to offer!