It used to be that when you needed more light from your vehicles headlights, you turned to HID or xenon setups. Either retrofitting projector assemblies salvaged from high end luxury car write-offs or paying high dollar for exclusively developed aftermarket ballasts, bulbs, and projectors. LEDs are now a mainstream option, appearing in headlights in popular models such as the Ford F-150, Toyota Corolla and Honda Accord straight from the dealership floor. You could find a wrecked Acura MDX, Mercedes C Class, or Audi A6 and adapt it’s glittering array of miniature LED projectors for your headlights, but Arced Lighting is bringing the advanced technology, optics, and stable output of LEDs down from the luxury segment and introducing it in a projector for everyone’s vehicle.



Bulbs can be changed and replaced

many aftermarket and OEM parts

Wide range of projector sizes

Low beam only options

Lots of wiring harnesses available


Low power draw is easier to adapt to stock systems

Longer bulb life 30,000hrs plus / HID 2100hrs

Lower voltage LED drivers/ballasts are safer

No bulb or misaligned bulbs

Pure white color