The leaders in automotive LED lighting, Alpena has been in the business of accessory lighting and automotive since 1978. After years of watching LED technology develop, countless hours of research and design, real-world testing and fine tuning, we’re ready to introduce the Retrofit Series. Whether your car is older or newer, the goal of this line is to improve your vision on the road. This line was specifically developed after assessing an everyday need for improved light output from a variety of vehicle’s stock headlight systems.


In developing, testing, and researching both of our standout introductory products, Alpena has expanded our existing LED knowledge and our commitment to quality to two emerging lighting fields. We hope that through the purchase of either of these new offerings your experience is rewarding, uncomplicated, and ultimately satisfying as an introduction to the world of LED lighting.



The Revolution takes all we’ve learned and applies it to an easy to install package in a new industry, headlight retrofitting. A market usually reserved for lighting specialists and HID components, we’re introducing the Revolution to spread better, safer lighting to the masses and simplify the install as well as the risk. A low voltage option to high power HID ballasts, the Revolution operates on a standard 12V level while consuming less power and heat than traditional halogen lighting and proving much safer than HID lighting. We’ve lab tested, developed, and labored over this kit to provide the consumer, you, with a reliable, long-lasting lighting upgrade. We’ve dialled in the high and low beam light spread, beam pattern, and hot spots to provide lighting that is not only bright and far reaching in all weather conditions but is also friendly to other drivers on the road unlike drop in LED or HID bulbs. We’ve put this kit through it’s paces ensuring the color is pure white and stays that way – a large problem with emerging LED lighting technology is degradation and we ensure that heat and run time will not get the best of this setup. We understand that installing a projector system is a commitment, and we’re saying that you won’t be disappointed in the effort.

OpticDrive 7


Our OpticDrive 7 is a drop-in solution for sealed beam lights seven inches in diameter and comes compatible with either H4 or H13 connectivity. Designed to be an easy swap completed in minutes, the OpticDrive 7 works great on classic cars, motorcycles, and popular off-road applications. Incredibly efficient, each OpticDrive 7 uses proven OSRAM LEDs for optimal longevity so you, the consumer, don’t need to worry about replacing this light for a long time. A built-in anti-flicker module ensures no extra wiring, add-on modules, or troubleshooting has to be done and installation is a simple, one-box affair.