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LED TrailLite Flush Mount 12V White LED Spot Light

LED TrailLite Flush Mount 12V White LED Spot Light

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Alpena White LED TrailLite Flush Mount 12V LED Spot Light, Universal Fit for Vehicles. Tough, bright and versatile, the LED TrailLite can be used for off-road, overlanding, and utility lighting. Spot beam optics use efficient and bright white LEDs. A compact size and flush mount housing make the LED TrailLite great for use as a reverse light or off-road fog light. Great for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, ATVs and more. A single two-wire power lead is compatible with all 12-24V DC systems.



  • Spot beam optics
  • Great as an auxiliary & trail light
  • Heavy duty flush mount alloy housing
  • Simple mounting with included hardware
  • Less power draw than equivalent halogen lighting
  • White light output
  • Universal make for cars, trucks, SUVs
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