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LEDAccentz HD White Driving LED Light Kit

LEDAccentz HD White Driving LED Light Kit

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The Alpena LEDAccentz HD White Driving LED Light Kit for Vehicles, 12V, Universal Fit for Vehicles is a value-minded accent light kit. Modern design with bright white LEDs add style to almost any vehicle. 15 LEDs per unit for a high-end look while low power consumption makes LEDAccentz HD an ideal driving light. Great to mount on front or rear bumpers, in upper or lower grilles, these lights do not take up much space. An adjustable angle mount allows you to aim light more accurately. Low power consumption works well with a variety of 12V applications and does not place a large strain on low-power electrical systems. Complete with a plug and play wiring harness with connector terminals and illuminated rocker switch LEDAccentz is easy to use and install and comes with pre-installed mounts. Great for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and more this versatile accent light can be a nice addition.


  • 15 powerful of long lasting, efficient white LEDs
  • Less power draw than conventional halogen auxiliary lighting
  • Plug and play wiring harness & illuminated switch included
  • Works with 12V DC systems
  • Adjustable angle brackets
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