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12V DC Powerblock, Fuse Block for Automotive Lighting

12V DC Powerblock, Fuse Block for Automotive Lighting

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The Alpena 12V DC PowerBlock is a universal fuse block that will help finish off the wiring of 12V DC products on your vehicle. Add a safety buffer for your vehicle using common blade fuses. A useful installation tool, the 12V PowerBlock is a safer and easier way to power automotive lighting accessories. It features four fused power sources and connects directly to 12V DC vehicle batteries. Included blade fuses are easy to replace and common at most places that sell automotive parts and accessories. Useful for providing a fail safe and as an alternative to inline fuses or add-a-fuse style products. Fuses are protected from the elements with a transparent case.



  • Fuses included
  • Provides a safe way to power multiple accessories
  • Clear protective cover for easy access
  • Uses common, easy to replace blade fuses
  • Can safely power a variety of accessories and lights
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